Democratic Party Represents The People Republican Party Represents The Greedy

Democratic Party Represents The People Republican Party Represents The Greedy

Hillary Clinton is one of the most QUALIFIED presidential candidates in recent history.

Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who respects our Constitution and all of our citizens:

A Hawk She is Not: Truth About Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy Views

Why this liberal voter is pleased that Hillary Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate

Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton more honest than any of her 2016 opponents

Fact checkers confirm Hillary Clinton is the most honest candidate, Donald Trump is usually lying

Why Can’t You Believe Hillary Clinton Is Inherently Honest?

Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest & trustworthy

One Simple Chart PROVES That Hillary Clinton Is One Of The Most Honest Politicians (CHART)

This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally HONEST

Stronger Together by HRC (Author), Tim Kaine (Author)

Only one presidential candidate has a plan for helping poor Americans get ahead. Here it is:

Former NYT Editor Says Hillary Is Fundamentally Honest & Trustworthy

Hillary most trustworthy.

An impassioned Obama lays out the stakes for Nov 8: ‘Our progress is on the ballot’

Clinton: ‘The next 50 days will determine the next 50 years’

Hillary 2016 Mugs – Shes With Us

President Obama calls out gender bias against Clinton

HRC will push constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United

President George H.W. Bush is voting for Hillary Clinton

George H W Bush ‘will vote for Hillary Clinton’ in unprecedented snub to Republican candidate Donald Trump

It Takes a Village -Kindle by Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton FB groups/pages take on new significance 2016 election

Next president will name as many as four Supreme Court justices IMPORTANT for Dems to win election!

This is who Hillary is – She remembers her promises

Love Trumps Hate T-shirt

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked NSA for secure phone for email when she first took office, and was turned down

Al Gore: “I will vote for Hillary & I strongly encourage others to vote for her as well.”

Thanks Bernie!  (Bernie campaigning for Hillary)

Hillary Clinton Crushes Trump’s Dr. Oz Stunt By Releasing Detailed Medical Info

Millennials—even Bernie ones—consolidating around Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Foundation Continues To Save Lives As Trump Calls For It To Be Shut Down

Stop Parroting GOP Lies That Hillary Clinton Is Dishonest

Hillary Clinton email story out of control!

Keillor: History will show ‘a woman was required to run for office wearing concrete shoes’

Field guide to defending Hillary Clinton against phony scandals: the Clinton Foundation

This must-see climate change illustration is so perfect even most skeptical can longer deny

Hillary Clinton’s climate army

Despite having pneumonia, despite the heat & humidity, Hillary Clinton shows up.

Chelsea Clinton: ‘As a Daughter, It Doesn’t Make Sense’ Her Mom Has ‘Untrustworthy’ Rep

They say she’s too cautious & calculating, then criticize her for bluntly speaking truth!

Why has a Secretary of State Been Forced to Answer IT Dept Questions?

Hillary Clinton “regrets” saying “half.” Then she doubles down…latest comment is brilliant!

Hillary Clinton TRUMPS Trump’s 88 With List of 110 Generals & Admirals Backing Her

The public has no idea the deficit is shrinking


176 Reasons Donald Trump Shouldn’t Be President

Judge Curiel Rules Trump University Class Action Will Begin Nov. 28, Denies Motion to Delay

Donald Trump Boasted His Building Was Tallest After Towers Fell On 9/11

Trump Suggests FIRST AMENDMENT Hurting Terrorism Fight

‘President Trump’ would cost U.S. economy $1 trillion

Stephen Hawking Angers Trump Supporters with Baffling Array of Long Words

Trump’s Response to New York Bombing: Racial Profiling on a Mass Scale

All the excuses Trump has given for why he won’t release his tax returns

The Donald Trump Tower Of Lies

Magician Penn Jillette worked with Trump—’However bad you think he is, he’s worse’

Exploring Russian ties to the men lurking behind Trump

Trump staffers busted for posting racist memes and calling for violence against minorities

Donald Trump’s new dog whistle: calling for minority voters to be intimidated on Election Day

Trump’s Behavior Similar To Male Chimpanzee, Says Jane Goodall

50 NAT’L SECURITY EXPERTS sign open letter calling Trump foreign biz dealings direct threat.

ALERT: Trump questions free speech, calls for arrest of people (like him?) who incite violence

New Clinton Ad Brutally Exposes Trump’s Birther Lies

Joy-Ann Reid completely de-bunks GOP CiC cand’s claim Hillary Clinton started ‘birtherism’

Donald Trump used his foundation to pay his own bills—big league fraud

Meet the Shady Network of Immigration Opponents Donald Trump Loves to Cite

Donald Trump: Top Reasons He MUST NOT Win The 2016 Presidential Election -Kindle

Another Important Reason We Do NOT Want Trump For President!
Mike Pence Calls Dick Cheney His Role Model For VP

Mark Cuban on Trump “It’s rare that you see someone get STUPIDER before your eyes!”

Does this ASS make my vehicle look big?

Donald Trump Uses Latest Birther Media Stunt To Promote New Hotel

Trump’s Court Jesters

Rachel Maddow Destroys the ‘Bizarre Spectacle’ of Donald Trump’s Health Con Job

AP FACT CHECK: Trump’s false claim of opposing the Iraq War

Trump disagrees with Maureen Dowd about inciting violence. He says it adds excitement to his rallies. 

6 Disastrous Things That Absolutely Could Happen If Trump Is Elected

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates Says Trump Is ‘Beyond Repair’

Tim Kaine: Donald Trump Is Inciting Violence Against Hillary Clinton

Proof: All Trump Ever Needed To Know He Learned On 1950s TV

Why The Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored

Trump’s potential SCOTUS appointee thinks America took a wrong turn when women got the vote

Donald Trump Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Bodyguards Should Stop Protecting Her

Trump’s New ‘Pro-Life’ Advisor Thinks Too Few Women Die In Childbirth These Days

Gabby Giffords condemns Trump. Secret Service aware of Trump’s comments.

How to flip a Trump voter without pushing too hard

A Doctor Analyzes the Bizarre Words of Donald Trump’s Doctor

Donald Trump Wrongly Corrected Veteran About Suicide Rate

Yes, Trump’s Economic Plan is BS.

Flint pastor says only allowed Donald Trump visit so she could challenge his racist views

Experts Warn Trump’s Business Interests Are Incompatible with America’s

Obama Drops The Hammer And Calls Trump Unfit In Any Way To Be Commander In Chief

Trump Blatantly Lies In Pennsylvania Speech: Clinton “Has No Child Care Plan”

Donald Trump Attacks African American Pastor Who Cut Off His Political Attacks

Dr. Oz Edits Out Creepy Trump Comments About Kissing His Daughter

Hillary Fillets Donald Trump While Defending Flint African-American Pastor

Once obsessed by Hillary Clinton’s NON-scandal, media all but ignore Donald Trump’s national security threat

Despite gestures, Donald Trump is still least transparent US presidential candidate in modern history

Trump chides Flint pastor who interrupted his anti-Clinton speech

No easy answers to resolving Trump’s conflicts of interest

►DONALD TRUMP◄ caught saying ►50% of Americans are lazy do-nothings◄

Clinton Campaign Hits Trump’s ‘Illegal Activity’ In DAMNING New Attack Ad (VIDEO)

Trump Shoots Himself In The Foot As Physical Revealed To Be A Total Sham

Trump’s VP Mike Pence says he’ll send Roe v. Wade to an ‘ash heap’!

How Donald Trump used his foundation as a front to buy influence

Trump recruiting army of poll watchers. It’s even worse than it sounds.

How did an alleged Russian mobster end up on Trump’s red carpet?

Troy Newman, Extremist who Thought Abortion Caused Drought, Endorses Donald Trump

: Donald Trump is UNFIT to lead. Add your name & stand with vets:

Hillary’s “deplorables” gambit worked: Mike Pence just married Donald Trump to David Duke

Trump just said he wouldn’t spy on Americans…4 times he vowed to do so.

Donald Trump gave an interview this morning that should be shocking… but we’re numb

Polls show many…even most…Trump supporters really are deeply hostile to Muslims & nonwhites

WATCH: Trump fan filmed punching & slapping protesters AND getting away with it

NY Attorney General Opens Investigation of Trump Foundation

69-year-old woman punched in face outside rally by Trump supporter

DEPLORABLE Oregon Man Hangs Hillary Clinton In Effigy To Support Trump

You’re more likely to be killed by your own clothes than by an immigrant terrorist

Trump’s new DC hotel is fancy, incredibly expensive AND likely doomed:

A Silicon Valley billionaire just challenged Donald Trump in the best way possible

Trump crossed a line with donation to Florida AG

WaPo’s David Fahrenthold: The Trump Foundation’s Five Phantom Donations

Watch media spin get bulldozed by the fact that half of Trump’s supporters ARE racist

Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It

White nationalist who smeared MLK as ‘degenerate’: Trump is ‘what we need in a leader’

A brief history of Donald Trump’s 9/11 controversies

►Hours after Twin Towers fell, Trump bragged his was now tallest in lower Manhattan

Trump’s Immigration Speech: “Blood soaked white nationalist politics”

Donald Trump’s only real foreign policy idea: steal foreigners’ oil

Campaign IMPLODES After Politico Reveals Melania Trump LIED About Graduating College (DETAILS)

Trump’s Claim About Migrants Having ISIS-Branded Phones Was Debunked Months Ago

►Donald Trump’s “immigration plan”◄, the truth REVEALED

Pence tells evangelicals he’ll help Trump restrict abortion rights.

Religious Conservatives Aren’t Judging Donald Trump’s Questionable Christian Values

Trump Continues His Pro-Russia Parade

The Note: Trump’s Putin Praise Continues

Election Complaint Filed Against Florida AG for Trump Foundation Contribution

It’s not clear that Donald Trump understands the relationship between president & military

Donald Trump Goes On Russia TV Defending Vladimir Putin

Trump’s Claim That Putin Is A Better Leader Than Obama Is Utterly Insane

Trump is “dead wrong” that voters don’t care about his tax returns

Trump still ducking on tax returns: Our view

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin & the Thug Theory of Leadership

Hillary Clinton hammers Trump for “throwing his lot in with” Putin

Trump Just Finished Speaking At A Hate Group Conference; Why Didn’t Top Papers Take Heed?

Nobody ever tells Donald Trump to smile

Donald Trump volunteers are signing a lifelong contract never to criticize him

Mike Pence pays a criminally low 8% income tax rate; Donald Trump still hiding tax returns

Trump’s charity gave $100K to Citizens United group suing attorney general probing Trump University 

Trump Loves Putin: A Video History

Hours after lavishing Putin with praise, Donald Trump gives creepy interview on Russian TV

Donald Trump’s tax returns: Why won’t he release them?

Trump Goes On Russian TV – Takes Putin’s Side Against America (VIDEO)

RIGGING THE DEBATES: Media Admit They Are ‘Setting A Low Bar’ For Dumbass Donald Trump

Bribery Complaint Filed with DOJ against Trump & Bondi

Trump Foundation’s biggest contribution wasn’t charity—it was an attack

Abbrev pundit roundup: Florida papers call for investigation of Trump-Bondi bribery scandal

Trump Must Face Trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit

WHOOPS: Trump Gets Caught Lying Again, This Time About His Colonoscopy

Trump campaign manager says Trump’s pre-campaign positions don’t matter

GOP platform proposes to get rid of national parks & national forests

Trump Campaign Paid Trump’s Companies Over $500,000 In August

CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert: “Donald Trump is not qualified to be President”

BREAKING: Trump Announces DEVASTATING Cuts To Social Security & His Reason Will Make You Vomit

Trump calls for nationwide ‘stop-and-frisk’ policy

Trump campaign strikes back against evidence Trump Foundation was a slush fund—with nothing

Trump Proposes National ‘Stop And Frisk’ Law At Hannity (full of whites) ‘African-American Town Hall’

The Trump Foundation REPEATEDLY broke IRS rules.

JUST IN: Former Trump campaign manager suspended by CNN

The Daily Show goes to a Trump rally to hear conspiracy theories—they are not disappointed

New York Times editorial on Trump’s tax returns: Simple question. What is he hiding?

Donald Trump’s astounding racist projections


MORE Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes 2015 Than Any Year Since 2001 Donald Trump… Making America Hate Again

Hillary attended 9/11 event despite pneumonia
Trump dodged Vietnam War because his foot hurt

Donald Trump, White Nationalist Hero

The end of American democracy could be weeks away

Still Waiting For Newspaper Editorials Demanding Trump Foundation Be Shut Down

After Trump Asks Why US Can’t Use Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Launch Officer Warns…

Judge Curiel Rules Trump Must Face Trial for Racketeering in Trump University Suit

Fahrenthold of WaPo: Trump Illegally Used $258k in Foundation Money to Settle Legal Problems

The True Believer: Thoughts on Nature of Mass Movements by Eric Hoffer (Will help you understand fanatics following Trump.)

Trump Tells Fans To Kill Clinton: Take Her Bodyguards’ Guns & ‘Let’s See What…’ (VIDEO)

Michele Bachmann: I’m advising Trump on Islamic terrorism — like we face here in Minnesota

Television networks continue to fall for Trump’s shenanigans hook, line, & sinker.

Donald Trump Repeats Lie about “30 Million” Illegal Immigrants

Muslim Women Are Set on Fire & Assaulted For Being Muslims

Trump Lies that US Military Is “Depleted” & Underfunded


Trump’s Absurd Claim 92 Million Americans Represent ‘Nation of Jobless Americans’

Republicans Stand By Trump Even After He 2X Suggests Hillary Clinton’s Assassination


Trump Lies that Veterans Are Treated Worse than Illegal Immigrants

Pence Meets With White Nationalist-Founded Anti-Immigrant Group

Trump Reaches Out to Communities of Color with…Lies

Stephen Hawking Calls Donald Trump a ‘Demagogue’

The Top 5 Lies in Donald Trump’s Economic Speech

Introducing Tower Of Lies: New American Bridge Website Focuses On Trump’s Lies

To Donald Trump: Stop hiding your tax returns!

366 Donald Trump Lies

Trump Gets “So Much Wrong” on Clinton’s Immigration Plan

‘Hang the B*tch!’ ‘F*g!’ ‘N*gger!’: Uncensored Rally Videos Expose Donald Trump’s America

MSNBC Host Under Protection Of Secret Service After Trump Turns Crowd Against Her (VIDEO)

It’s Time the Fbi Haul Trump into Its Offices 

22 Times Donald Trump Lied about Immigration

The lie heard round the world: Trump’s reckoning with the media continues to reverberate.

President Trump= Food Shortages by Inauguration?

Trump’s signature on an illegal/improper check…but of course!

Harvard professor compares Donald Trump’s rise to Hitler’s

Donald Trump flies back to NY every night to sleep in his OWN bed

Himself Unlikely to Have Merry Little Christmas

Trump’s ‘medical records’ JUST LETTERS, not complete history

Keith Olbermann read off Donald Trump’s most outrageous statements. It took 17 minutes.

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Comparing Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter

Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter
Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump on the Truth-O-Meter